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What our custom​ers are saying:

Julie & Tim Rose * August 2021

It was absolutely perfect! Thanks for opening up your home to my friends and family so we could all enjoy such a special weekend together.  Magical home and memories will last us a lifetime!  xoxo Julie & Tim (taken from our guest book) 

Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez * July 2021

Bob & Lisa & Jenn & Jess & Olga and all the other people who helped make our Wedding Day Perfect!  Our Day was absolutely perfect.  I can't say thank you enough for everything and for opening up your home to us.  Cheers to many more perfect days and Weddings!  (taken from our guest book!) 

Mr. and Mrs. Sandr​idge * June 2021

Bob & Lisa, Our Wedding was a dream!  the venue could not have been more perfect, truly a hidden gem.  We could not have asked for a more perfect area to get married.  Best Day Ever. Thank You for being apart of making our Wedding dreams come true.  God Bless you Both.  (taken from our guest book)

The Vancils * Marissa and Vincent​ 2020

Boss Lady & Bob! Thank you for everything!  This place is Amazing!  Everyone loved it, but no one loved it more than me & Vincent!  Trish was amazing.  Jess was amazing. Everyone that helped put this place together was fantastic!  The Condor's Nest Ranch will forever hold a special place in our hearts.  Love you guys!  -Marissa

"what she said" - Vincent  

(taken from our guest book!)  

Mar & Jeremy 5-5-2019 * Forever in our Hearts! 

Bob & Lisa: Wow.  Just WOW!  No words can describe how absolutely amazing this place is, and all the personality it brings to each and everyone in it's own way. Jeremy and I truly - Truly are so Thankful that you moved a Charity Event to make this possible for us ... Crazy Kids.... Yep ... we did it - in 87 Days!  

Couldn't have done it without you all (and Trish, Jess, Pedro, etc. all of them!)  (taken from our guest book) 

February 2019 *  Ron & Sandy

Dear Bob & Lisa, we can't thank you enough for your generosity, hospitality, Aloha, and most of all your friendship!  ...and That is priceless! You both are so aesome to invite us and our new friends and old friends to your awesome home in Pala.  It's like a Dream. Who needs to go to Disneyland???  haha This has been so much fun ...we loved sitting around and watching movies too! It's almost like being in Tuscany too sitting around, fantastic meals & laughing and talking & bullsxxiting too!  We love throwing hot dogs to JB, Lady, Sparkle, Dixie, Mascara, Reba and Ox too & Carrots to  the other animals.  Thank you for my awesome Birthday Party!  We love you both, you're the bestest, love & aloha, Sandy & Ron (taken from our guest book) 

October 2018

Lisa, Bob & The Condor's Nest Ranch... Thank you for making our Wedding so Amazing.  This place is incredible and so special.  Everyone loved it.  The Day was perfect, the weather was beautiful and so were the views!  We can't wait to come back, we are so grateful.  Love, Jennifer & Sam Williams, family & friends  (taken from our guest book) 

Perfect venue for our wedding  9/2019

We had our wedding at the Condor’s Nest over Labor Day Weekend 2019. My wedding was absolutely perfect – everything I dreamed it would be, and something I will never forget for the rest of my life. We got so many comments from our family and friends that it was one of the best/most memorable/unique weddings they had been to. This is in LARGE PART due to the outstanding venue and wonderful, talented team at the Condor’s Nest. This was the only venue I toured, and once I saw it – I knew there was absolutely no reason to keep looking. This was it.

We were planning the wedding in 6 months and I knew I wasn’t going to have time to sweat the details/small stuff. With a venue like this – you do not have to. Because it is beautiful just the way it is – so anything “extra” you bring to the table is just that. EXTRA! Keep that in mind while you evaluate the cost. On that topic – I loved how upfront and transparent the owners are about the cost. There are no hidden fees and no surprises. No nickel and diming. They post prices right on their website. I didn’t see a lot of this while I was researching other venues, so it is something to stop and appreciate.

A wedding is an investment, and you get so much for your investment here – including all of the tables, chairs, linens, tons of decorations and most importantly, a team of amazing people who help you leading up to the event. Bob and Lisa treat you like family. I spent over an hour leafing through the many photo albums of previous weddings that they keep at the house with Lisa after Bob gave us a tour, and chatting about wedding trends and getting advice from Lisa. The biggest heartfelt shoutout goes to the day-of (really, few weeks-of) coordinator Trish. From her first email, to her super helpful checklist follow ups, to the calls we had, texts multiple times a day leading up to the wedding and then the AMAZING sense of order and calm she brought to the big day – it was so helpful. My whole family loved her. The rest of the day-of staff – Jake the DJ, Jess, Sandy, Pedro all keeping it together on the grounds – everyone was amazing.

And the absolute most special part of this venue? The option to stay on the ranch in the beautifully designed and decorated home with your friends and family for the weekend. We took full advantage – checked in on Friday, and left on Sunday. Our rehearsal dinner was burgers and hot dogs that my family and our wedding party cooked together, and after that, we all assembled napkin rings and tabletop decorations together, sprawled out all over the living room. The morning of the wedding was spent together, peaceful and easy, we all got to hang out. The morning after the wedding we swam in the pool and ate breakfast together and fed the horses the last of the carrots. For me, these little memories, just the time spent with the people closest to us, at this special place, were some of the very best memories of the whole weekend.

You know how everyone warns brides that “your wedding is going to go by SO FAST you won’t even believe it/remember it/enjoy it?” Well, lucky for me, I don’t feel that way at all because our wedding was an entire weekend long celebration – and even the humblest, simplest moments are made special with the magic at the Condor’s Nest Ranch. 

 (*review taken from Wedding Wire)

NOTE FROM THE CONDOR'S NEST RANCH:  This must be one of the most well written reviews we've seen!  although we really love them all!  ...however this one is especially great because we love that when a couple sees the Ranch they fall in love with it, and this review let's them know it's ok not to visit 20 more venues, because if it's right, it's right!  :O)  

Candy & Jeff * August 2017

Bob & Lisa & Staff, What an amazing place to hold the most amazing event.  The Ranch as the backdrop for our creative touches made for the Most Perfect 3 days!  Your staff is amazing and we truly could sit and relax on our daughters Wedding Day (go figure!) 

Thank you for sharing your venue, friendship, and cooperation in helping us pull off a day that our kids said, "I wouldn't change a thing!"  Love Candy & Jeff


Allie , married on 10/08/2016

5.0 / 5.0

We could have never asked for a more amazing venue! It had all the right amenities we were looking for. This place has a backyard ranch style feel, with service that is executed by professionals that makes your wedding look pinterest ready! The vintage ranch charm has enough style on it's own to impress your guests, but if you want to add some more decorations and personal touches, they have pretty much anything you could need from cake plates to chalkboards and much more! The staff is friendly and helpful which makes the day of your wedding seem like a breeze. We had so many great compliments about our venue and it really helped make it a weekend we will never ever forget! Weeks later and we still have people asking us about the venue we chose! We knew we were going to get married there the second we stepped onto the ranch and we could never thank the Condor's Nest crew enough for helping us celebrate the best day ever!

Sent on 10/24/2016

*Also Taken from Wedding Wire!  .... Thank You so much from The Condor's Nest Ranch!  


Megan , married on 06/22/2013

5.0 / 5.0

My husband and I got married here on 6/22/13, and it truly was the best day of our lives, and changed us forever. The ranch was the perfect spot for us, and we knew from the second we stepped out of our car that this was where we were meant to get married. Lisa and Bob were both so welcoming and the whole staff that helped on our special day were so amazing and made the day so seamless and easy for us. Seriously, planning my wedding was such a calming experience because of everything the ranch offers for you. It is so magical there and all of our guests were blown away by the beauty of the ranch and the service they received from everyone who works there. Thank you so much Lisa and Bob, you are both so amazing! If you are looking for a venue, go look here and you will not be disappointed! Also our wedding was featured on Rustic Wedding Chic, take a look at the feature to get a better feeling of the ranch:

Sent on 11/20/2013

*Also Taken From Wedding Wire!  Thank You Megan!  


Matthew , married on 11/17/2012

5.0 / 5.0 

I can't say enough good things about the Condors Nest. They have such a great operation going on up there. It's flawless. We had such a great time, everything seemed to be so easy. They know exactly what needs to be done and they do it well. The only thing was that we loved their ranch so much we didn't want to leave. If you can get a one of the weekends there to have your wedding consider yourself lucky and stay as long as you can, you won't regret it. They invite all of the couples who get married there up for a party at the beginning and end of the season. What an awesome idea, we get to go back today. CAN'T WAIT!

Sent on 12/01/2012

(*taken from Wedding Wire!)  Thank You Matt!  


LEAH  9/15/14 

I am reviewing as a guest of a wedding!

Just went to #KimAndWill2014 on Saturday and the wedding at this venue was straight out of our wildest Pinterest dreams. Leave it to this couple to go all out - it seems like all of their vendors and especially Condor's Nest allowed them to have the wedding of a lifetime! The owner/manager, Mike, was around at all times to ensure guests were safe, timely and most of all, having fun! Can't beat customer service like his, such a gentleman. Mike even came onto the bus and welcomed us right as the guests arrived, letting us know about the farm animals, restrooms, ceremony start time, and smoking areas, etc. I thought that was extremely professional of him. Shoutout to MIKE - the wedding party kept talking about how cool you are too! Rock on!

The staff and crew were very speedy, courteous and quick to clean and clear away. The decor of the entire setting was unmatched, as were the views of the valley. There were several toilets (I feel this is more common problem for more remote locations) and not only were there more than enough of them, they were super cute and well maintained! Props!

Although I can't speak of the costs, only because I don't know them, I was informed that this venue was "Well worth the money." The bridesmaids said they had the best time staying in the ranch house for the rehearsal dinner where they had full use of the facilities and the gorgeous pool! (They were stoked to have the rehearsal in their bath suits LOL). I will need to post some pictures of this event, hats off to The Condor's Nest Ranch!

{*Taken from YELP! ...Thanks Leah!  You are the best!  Glad to hear how much you enjoyed it!!!}


For Additional Reviews, please see YELP, under our name "The Condor's Nest Ranch" located in Pala, CA, or GOOGLE reviews, or Wedding Wire Reviews!  They are all amazing and we thank you all for them!  We know it takes up your time to give a review, so we don't think it's polite to ask, so we try not to ...however we DO really appreciate each and every one!  Some reviews taken from our Guest Book!  

....the Condor's Nest Ranch